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Incredible Photographs of a Bullet Piercing a Drop of Water
Sara Barnes,

Dutch pho­tog­ra­ph­er Alexan­der Augustei­jn cap­tures beau­ti­ful col­li­sions. His high-speed pho­tographs freeze the exact moment when a bul­let inter­sects with a sin­gle drop of water. This mov­ing and instan­ta­neous tar­get isn’t an easy…


How to Shop for Vintage Fashion Like a Pro: Langley Fox Hemingway Shares Tips from Los Angeles
by Ally Betker,

There’s no short­age of well-dressed women in the world, but the ones who con­tin­u­ous­ly catch our eye seem to have mas­tered the art of mix­ing vin­tage and sec­ond­hand pieces with cur­rent high street and design­er labels. Each day this week,…


How To Get Paid To Play With Lego All Day

Have a passion for bricks and a willingness to really get inside your work.

David Faut­ley has what has to be one of the best jobs around: He plays with Lego for a liv­ing. As a mod­el­er at Eng­land’s Legoland Wind­sor, he designs and assem­ble…


Cut & Paste Wallpaper Collection by All The Fruits
Caroline Williamson,

Never has wallpaper made me squee quite like All The Fruits new Cut & Paste wallpaper collection. I’m one of those people who has a hard time making up their mind when it comes to long-term commitment so the fact that this wallpaper is a mix of…


8 Surprisingly Sustainable Modern Homes
Kelsey Keith,

Here at Dwell, we love a good form, but only in tandem with function. These ultra-green, sustainable homes prove that a light footprint is possible no matter what the architectural style—the most modern approach of all.


Dazzling new prints from Julian Callos
Bobby Solomon,

Yesterday, Los Angeles illustrator Julian Callos released a new set of prints on The People’s Print Shop. Titled “Sun”, “Moon”, and “Earth”, the captivating images are taken from his Cosmos series, a body of work that explores “the tension…


Graphic, Affordable Posters for Apartment Walls
Allie Weiss,

You don’t need an expensive collection to fill your apartment with dynamic art.

These graph­ic posters are dynam­ic addi­tions to apart­ment walls—and they’re incred­i­bly afford­able, too. Whether filled with cheeky say­ings, geo­met­ric shapes…


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Feel That Old Time Rock and Roll
Troy Turner,

There’s something pleasing about sorting through a box of old records… it’s that very feeling that’s lost in our transition from analog to digital media. The “Music Tangibility” project looks to the record playing experience as an inspiration for …